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Open configuration file in a plain text editor and find section with IF statement.

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codebase version not updating cab-71

The object element is part of the HTML 4.01 specification, and is the recommended mechanism to invoke plugins.Its use is subject to a few caveats that this section outlines.This is caused by IE not being not able to properly interpret certain components of Javs Script code.To fix this problem a small change should be made to applet configuration file (for example fcdownload.js).Mozilla-based browsers support the Netscape Plugin architecture, which is not COM based like Active X (and thus, not invoked via a Unique Identifier) but rather, MIME type based.

Mozilla-based browsers support the use of the object element along with a MIME type.Each major version of the plugin has a Unique Identifier.For instance, this is an example of the type of markup that will invoke the JRE 1.4.1 in IE, using the unique identifier for the JRE 1.4.1: used in conjunction with a Unique Identifier references an architecture (Active X) that Mozilla code (and thus Netscape 7) does not support.Users installing Netscape 6.x and Netscape 7 have a choice of whether or not to install Java.Unlike Netscape Communicator 4.x, Netscape 6.x and 7 do not have a default Java Virtual Machine -- they rely on Sun's plugin.The problem I'm having is if I reopen the page and make a change, when DW updates the pages that are linked to the template, the flash image in the pages no longer work.