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This guide discusses processes and tools for use in internal computer investigations.

It introduces a multi-phase model that is based on well-accepted procedures in the computer investigation community.

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It provides tools to provision user and device claim values and central access policy across a forest to help simplify configuring Dynamic Access Control in Windows Server 2012.

The toolkit also provides a new report template that you can use to review existing central access policy on file shares.

The Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) series provides guidance for Microsoft infrastructure products, including Windows Server 2008 R2.

The series is a collection of documents that lead the reader through a sequence of core decision points to design an infrastructure for Microsoft products.

When a user requests an application through the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Application Catalog that requires approval, this approval workflow solution will transform the application request into a System Center 2012 - Service Manager service request allowing flexible approval lists and activities.

The Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) Dashboard helps customers keep track of the usage, health, and compliance of their virtualized applications—in near real time!

To find Solution Accelerators for the most recent Microsoft products and technologies, grouped by Solution Accelerator Suite (Desktop, Server, Virtualization…) or by MOF IT Service Lifecycle (Plan, Deliver, Operate…), see the Solution Accelerators Home Page.

[Back To Top] Active Directory Directory Product Operations Guide Because of their inherent permissions and power, administrator accounts on computers that run Microsoft Windows Server 2003 are both the most useful and potentially the most dangerous accounts on your computer.

Virus or worm attacks can result from infected computers that connect to the LAN.

VPN quarantine provides a mechanism to address these issues.

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