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Those kinds of loans were phased out after 2010 and replaced by William D.

Ford Direct Loans, which are both made by and guaranteed by the government.

Part of the problem is that there was no formal process in place for borrowers to find out if they qualified when the program launched in 2007.

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It's a move partly driven by his outstanding student debt, which tops 0,000.In June, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a report spotlighting complaints from borrowers claiming they had not received accurate information from their loan servicers about the program even after identifying themselves as a public worker."When the companies responsible for delivering on this promise aren't up to the task, our dedicated public servants shouldn't have to pay the price," said CFPB Student Loan Ombudsman Seth Frotman at the time.Those eligible for forgiveness were originated by the federal government.Both Cottrill's and Lawson-Ross' loans are Family Federal Education Loans, which were made by private lenders but backed by the government.She believed she had made more than four years of qualifying payments when she called again this past summer.