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Mobile Apps provides a new Mobile App Server SDK which provides much of the same functionality as the Mobile Services runtime.

First, you should remove all references to the Mobile Services packages. At this point you will have a project that no longer references Mobile Services SDKs. For this upgrade, most developers will want to download and install the package, as this will pull in the entire required set.

Then, the upgraded app should use a new database filename.

Make note of the App Service Plan it is running on.Next, create the second application instance by following the . When prompted to select you App Service Plan or "hosting plan" choose the plan of your migrated application.If not using a migrated service, you can read connection strings and app settings from the Configure tab of the Mobile Services section of the Azure classic portal. NET project for your application and publish it to your new site.Using a copy of your client application updated with the new URL, validate that everything works as expected.You will likely want to use the same database and Notification Hub as you did in Mobile Services.

You can copy these values by opening Azure portal and navigating to the original application, then click Settings .

There will be quite a few compiler errors resulting from differences between the SDKs, but these are easy to address and are covered in the rest of this section.

Then, in Web Api Config.cs, you can replace: // Use this class to set configuration options for your mobile service Config Options options = new Config Options(); // Use this class to set Web API configuration options Http Configuration config = Service Config.

App Service Mobile is a new way to build mobile applications using Microsoft Azure. If you need to upgrade a backend application, refer to Upgrading your Mobile Services.

While you perform this upgrade, your existing Mobile Services application can continue to operate.

Instead, you should create a new mobile app that serves as a duplicate.