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Several years passed, and the fantasy started to return.I couldn't get it out of my head how she'd fucked another man.The clock ticked on, at 1pm I was getting worried so I text her.

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In the back of my mind I thought it was all a game and she was probably out with her friend.I kept watching the clock, it got to 11.30 and I thought she should be home by 12pm as the pubs shut.She laughed one day and suggested she bought a strap-on, it wasn't long before one turned up in the post. She even tied me up, pulled back my foreskin, then put a jar with a wasp in over my cock.It was surprised how amazing this felt, feeling so vulnerable and humiliated, I was hooked. The feeling was intense, and the initial sting was a feeling I'll never forget.That is until now, she bumped into Bob again, and after a little persuasion has agreed.

I will keep you updated, and how I will handle it this time like a good sissy should.I had to watch her dress up and shave her pussy into a neat brazilian for another man, I couldn't believe she was doing this.She looked gorgeous and my stomach was churning and I was shaking , but I loved it at the same time.I NOTICED STRAIGHT AWAY SHE SMELT DIFFERENT AND I TASTED COCK ON HER LIPS. "What do you mean, tell me, tell me" I blurted out.She pulled the cushions off our sofa and laid down by the fire, she told me how she had been fingered by Bob. His cock was huge which she went on to tell me was much better than mine.I told my Sam ( my Wife) to make it obvious and dress sexy.