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But even Rachel Uchitel’s mom confessed that the two was dating, so why did they have to try and avoid talking about it?

Uchitel has plenty of fame from many different things.

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A lot of merchandise was sold of the two of them linked together as a pair, and for a while, it seemed that they were a pair of really good friends.

Things turned for the worse, and many claims say the two aren’t on good terms, so much that Derek Jeter didn’t even invite A-Rod to his wedding.

Unlike many of the other women on this list, Spottswood had no fame, despite the fact that she was dating one of the most well-known athletes in sports.

She comes from Key West, Florida, and worked as a commercial tenant representative for the real estate firm, Howard Ecker and Co.

We sure wouldn't put this alleged hookup past A-Rod.

Whenever Jeter dates someone, it can always be a mystery as he tries to keep his love life as silent as possible.Twice, she has been the winner of the magazine’s “Best Butt Award.” These may be some unusual recognitions for some, but for Derek, he knew he scored right.Jeter wouldn’t have been in a bad place either had he have stayed with Guerra, as she even spoke positively about Jeter’s new girlfriend/now-wife Hannah. Elaine Spottswood is a much more lowkey woman, than most of the other women he has ever dated.And for a lot of the women on the list, it’s a pretty impressive bunch.Sometimes athletes aim for quantity, but in Jeter and A-Rod's case, they swung for the fences and hit one out of the park.It’s a tough battle to decide who had the more decorated dating resume, but we'll try to look at both men's lineups and you can decide for yourself.