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Their relationship is a dysfunctional one full of lies, deceit and attempted murder.

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Still, in 2012, he was elected for a third straight city council term.His story may become an HBO biopic with Eddie Murphy playing Barry and Spike Lee as the director.In her role as White House chief of staff, she had Mellie sign an executive order to fund the organisation without realising what it was.Not only did Olivia restart B613, but she made herself its head honcho: Command.The snarky monologues, romantic moments with Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and her white hat will be sorely missed.

Ahead of tonight’s conclusion, here are eight of Olivia's most jaw dropping scenes.It would have been so much more boring if that was actually the truth.Instead, Olivia ends up helping Maya escape the US to avoid Rowan’s grips only after she finds out her mom is actually a terrorist who played a part in a plane crash that killed a ton of people.Hanafi Muslims took over the District Building in 1977 and Barry was shot during the incident.His survival seemed to boost his "unstoppable" image.C." Barry not only won in 1992, but two years later he was reelected mayor.