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By using a class-factory pattern, plug-ins enable you to replace the base functionality.You can see how to implement a plug-in in the tutorial, Customize model elements using extensions.Validation events capture and return results by using the Data Event Args parameter.

Functionality defined in higher layers (VAR layer in this example) can override the functionality of lower layers.

The overlaying model must belong to the same Package as the source model and belong to a layer that is higher than the source model.

You can extend a View or Data entity to achieve much of the functionality available with table extensions.

You can extend any Enum that is marked extensible (Is Extensible=True).

The following table lists each method and its associated events.

You can use class extensions to author X Â logic associated with form extensions.In the current version, you instead use extensions to implement event handlers that are called from the base implementations of the table methods.The following table lists each table method and its events.Using table extensions, you can also change the Extended Data Type property on fields and set it to an EDT that is derived from the current EDT ().In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, you could override the virtual methods of a table's base class to control the behavior that occurred during table operations, such as when creating, reading, updating, or deleting.You can add new fields, field groups, indexes, mappings and relations.