jls who are they dating Dating 20 year old

Age and maturity isn't something you can really "prepare" for. Keep your head and thoughts in the present, focus on the good times you're having now.

Go with the flow, see if you're compatible before mapping out a future with the guy.The age difference isn't a problem, you're in similar stages in life.Serial modelizer Leo, 43, was spotted looking cozy with Argentine model-actress Camila Morrone, 20, at breakfast in LA Wednesday, where they were walking arm-in-arm before she gave him a kiss on the shoulder.Di Caprio also attended a screening of Al Pacino’s “Salomé” this week, and it all seems to be in the family.I am pretty happy though, he is a good guy and he makes me laugh so hard, also it is good that he is in the military because he travels a lot which means I can't be overly clingy (like I was with all my exes) because he is constantly busy and away, but it makes our time together really special I just need advice about this age thing because if we both have brains that will be fully developed by 25 but I will be 25 before him then he will grow apart from me. I would never push him into anything but I date to find someone to eventually marry, not to just date you know?

Woh-woh-woh, your mind is going a 100 miles a minute, take a breath and relax.

Anyways I'm a little worried about him being 20, I mean I know from convos we have had that he isn't ready for kids (I never asked we just have talked about sex and he made sure that he said that protection was important because he isn't ready for kids) I mean I guess at 20 that is understandable but I'm 22 I will be 23 at the end of the year like if this turns into something serious he isn't going to be ready and I will just keep getting older and older.

A lot of people on here have told me that "oh you're just 22 you will change so much in the next few years" and what if thats true for him?

So I JUST started dating this guy, he is 20 I'm 22.

He is the Marine I have posted so much about I am actually trying to be smart and cautious this time and not fall madly in love in a month lol!

It doesn't matter how fast someone's brain develops. So why worry about stuff you don't have control over? What happens to your plans if it turns out you can't have kids? Don't marines etc typically marry young and get more $ that way? 20 is too young to be serious with in general IMO especially if you're looking long term for marriage within the next few years.