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That or his last girlfriend was so desperate end things that she just left her cat behind.”—Liz, Park Slope, Brooklyn “Straight.

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“If you’re a man with a cat but without a girlfriend, I’m just going to go ahead and assume you’re a murderer.”—Alyssa, Upper West Side “Why would I want to date a guy who’s already bought himself a pussy to come home to every night?

”—Anna, East Village “I assume that those men, like cats, don’t require human love to survive.”—Siobhan, Upper East Side “Like the guy taking women’s studies, he’s trying too hard. It’s a giant red flag for me when single guys say they have cats. And psycho.”—Krystle, Williamsburg, Brooklyn “Never trust a man with cats.

For years, the first rule of being a dude in Cat Club was: You do not talk about Cat Club.

As a lifelong member—my childhood cat was actually older than me—I’d always viewed my affection as the love that dare not meow its name.“We made Purrsonals just for you,” she coos, cat in arms. Registration was typical enough, although the personality criteria (which you to fill out) felt a little limiting — how on Earth do I describe the personalities of the social groups I belong to?When it came to searching for people, Purrsonals fell flat — I was among only three results in San Francisco within my age range, and the only one with a photo.The cat dude is officially entering the mainstream. I’m no longer hesitant to tell people about the five critters I live with.In fact, every cat owner I talked to for this piece is just the sort of guy you could have a beer with, not some weirdo holed up in his apartment doting over an animal like some surrogate spouse. Why do there seem to be more cat dudes here than in, say, Chicago? We’re preoccupied with jobs, social lives, HBO series.But recently, fellas with felines have embraced their ailurophilia.