Dating columbia 78 rpm records

The records appeared with, successively, Pink and White ('Grand Opera') Red and Light Blue Labels, and some persisted in the catalogue for a very long time.

Since many other records in these series were issued in America only a listing would have left numerous Perhaps Messrs Smith and Cosens (or some other dedicated discographers) will get around to these some time, along with the still earlier series reissued on BRG 72144-5.

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The links below will show you the labels I have in my collection in alphabetical order. However, if you are looking for something in particular please ask as I do have quite a few duplicates and others that do not suit my musical tastes.

I have started to write information about each label but have a long way to go.

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The American 45 and 78 rpm record dating guide, 1940-1959.

It will be noticed that Purple Label list is relatively short, and that the names included constitute a rather odd collection.

The most worthy of inclusion was Ysaye, described in the catalogue, with some justification, as "The World's Greatest Violinist' Casals' earliest records also appeared in this series. Of greater consequence were Maria Barrientos, and Riccardo Stracciari, announced as 'One of the Pew Great Operatic Baritones' - a curious claim when one considers that Battistini, Ruffo, Amato and Sammarco were active at the time, but of course recording for other companies.

For Vogue picture records I have posted both sides of whatever I have as these records are great.

All others I post one example of every different label design in my collection, even some with very subtle differences in wording or design.

The letter prefixes for Great In became LB for 10" and LX for 12".

A few early LX records may be found marked LBX, conforming with the practice for other countries, e.g. It is for this reason that one will search in vain in this volume for many records by 'international1 artists which were on general sale in other countries, but only 'to special order' in Britain.

Thanks to those that have offered label images for my site.