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Although yes, it does provide very good content on how male and females interact and explain the attraction process in detail the book provides much more than that.Double Your Dating is more a self help book that assists men overcoming their own misunderstandings of women that have resulted in their own inability to attract and charm the women in their life that they truly desire.

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This is just a quick review of the book Double Your Dating by David De Angelo.

For a comprehensive review, check out David De Angelo Double Your Dating Review If you would like to get a copy of Double Your Dating I strongly suggest you check out the full review prior to making your decision! Maurice has been studying seduction and pickup for the past few years and has personally reviewed hundreds of courses, ebooks and training manuals.

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Well, it is only a scam if you do not implement the theory taught in the book! This mini review will briefly describe what the book is really about. Well, I have personally read, studied and completed many courses about seduction and pickup.

This is probably one of the foundational ebooks in the genre.

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Many guys new to the seduction and dating community will no doubt hear about "Double Your Dating" (DYD) written by David De Angelo.