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Among the suggestions are selling duty-free booze in sealed bags to reduced the likelihood of passengers drinking it on flights.

Other measures could include introducing tougher penalties for those drunk on flights and overhauling licensing laws for airside premises in England and Wales, which are not covered by the Licensing Act.

This action caused the aircraft’s autopilot to disengage, causing the loss of control of the plane, the reports.

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We pride ourselves on giving our customers a friendly and relaxing flight experience so we will take action against anyone who causes offence and disruption to our crew and passengers.’ Lander was also found guilty of assaulting a police officer, causing a disturbance and committing an act of mischief for damaging property at Halifax’s airport, and is scheduled to be sentenced in July. A trio of drunken 'lapdancers' had to be pulled apart by cabin crew after they launched into a vodka-fuelled scrap on an easy Jet flight to Tenerife.Sarah Leah Whitson, the Middle East and North Africa director for Human Rights Watch said at the time: “After years of false promises to end its absurd restrictions on women, Saudi authorities are still arresting them for getting behind the wheel.The Air Asia passenger jet that crashed into the Java sea in December last year killing 162 people was caused by a faulty component and the crew’s subsequent attempts to fix it, Indonesian investigators have said.But the airline's landmark voyage also highlighted the restrictions women still face in Saudi Arabia.

Although there is no law that prohibits women from driving, it is a rule imposed by conservative Muslim clerics.The report into the crash, which has been the result of a year-long investigation, said bad weather conditions did not play a role in the tragedy.Earlier this year it was reported that investigators found the captain of the flight had taken the “very unusual” step of disabling the Flight Augmentation Computer.Officials probing the accident have focused on the crew’s response to problems with the system controlling the aircraft’s rudder.They say the soldering on the rudder control system was cracked and the system sent four warning alerts to the pilots, which they responded to by resetting the system in an attempt to fix it.'They were friends and cuddling one minute and then getting louder and drinking Grey Goose vodka the next.'They started arguing and they were swearing using the f word and the c word.