Dating fukuoka

Well, when we say that we mean it won’t be as easy for you to pay for sex in Fukuoka as it will for a Japanese guy.

The prostitution scene in this country is very xenophobic and they make it hard for gaijin to get service.

You can get there by exiting the Nakasu-Kawabata subway station and it is just a short walk from there.

If you order an escort online she will come over to give you a blowjob not full sex.

Not all of the online escort agencies will be gaijin friendly but some will.

As is standard when it comes to Japan this post about finding girls for sex in Fukuoka comes with some caveats.

If you are a foreigner (known as gaijin) reading this then things won’t be as easy for you.

Without any at all day game will be very hard, day game revolves completely around chatting them up.

Decent spots for that would be: These are some big malls where girls will be going to shop every day.

If you do speak a little Japanese or show up with a Japanese guy you will have a better chance, but still don’t count on it.

As a gaijin your best chance is to Google ‘escorts in Fukuoka’ or ‘massage in Fukuoka’ or ‘delivery health service in Fukuoka.’ Remember that prostitution is kind of sort of legal here.

There are some options around, but generally gaijin have to pay more, get less attractive girls, or sometimes even a combination of both.

There is a lot more prostitution in Tokyo for foreign men, but things still aren’t perfect there.

You can use the site for gaijin friendly sex in Fukuoka, but it is a bit pricey at 23k yen minimum plus you have to pay for a love hotel.