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It is quite a contradiction, one that I don’t think guys my age know how to deal with. You see, I am not the average eighteen-year-old girl for another reason. Nor have I ever had a boyfriend, though not for lack of effort.

Who in the hell told a woman that how many smooches she’s shared is a direct correlation to her self-worth?Enough of this “Poor girl, she must be homely or socially awkward” mentality.I should probably have a much bigger issue with my “innocence.” The thing is, though, I don’t really care that I’ve never been kissed.I’m so cool with my virgin lips, in fact, that I wonder why other girls my age, and even younger, aren’t. It’s the one where Drew Berrymore is a journalist who has never been in a relationship and is assigned to go undercover as a high school student to report on the lives of teens living that tough late ’90s suburbia life. If you feel like you’re some big ol’ loser because you’ve never been kissed, or never performed oral sex in a school bathroom stall, or haven’t reached any of those touching romantic milestones yet, know this: Milestones are stupid and there is always time.

Well, aside from all of that undercover junk, I’ve realized that the older I get, the more I start to relate to Drew’s character…but a little less thirsty. And as much as I would love to have experienced all of those things, let me let you in on a little secret: It’s not the end of the world. Your love life isn’t a race and you’re probably awesome. Things happen, moments are lost and sometimes neither things nor moments are going on and you can feel pretty dejected. I know how it feels to feel left out when your friends share their crazy hookup experiences right in front of you.You’re really not as alone as you think you are, honestly.I’m very aware of the possibility that I come across as a massive loser confessing all of this, but I honestly don’t care.So I’m going to tell it to you straight: I’m 22-years old and I’ve never been kissed. Your sexual prowess (or lack thereof) has no bearing on how desirable you are. I know how it feels to wonder why everyone manages to hookup or date while you’re left in the dust, even when you put yourself out there. It just doesn’t make that there are a ton of 15-year-old girls out there who are more sexually experienced than I am–and more power to them for experiencing all the awesome things that romance has to offer.But it’s really okay not to have experienced those things yet.I mean, where did that convoluted way of thinking start?