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Augustine, Florida, site of the first permanent European settlement in America.The González–Alvarez House purports to be the city's oldest Spanish colonial home from the 1600s..Stone was plentiful and the German colonists constructed sturdy homes with thick walls, exposed timbering, and hand-hewn beams.

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Early explorers from Spain, Mexico, and Latin America built rustic homes out of wood, adobe, crushed shells (coquina), or stone.Earth, thatch, or red clay tiles covered low, flat roofs.The houses are as humble, unadorned, and practical as their occupants.Centuries later, builders embraced the practical, economical Cape Cod shape for budget housing in suburbs across the United States.Still, you'll find charming New England colonial features incorporated into modern-day Neocolonial homes.

More » 1600s - mid-1800s When Germans traveled to North America, they settled in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland.Even today this no-nonsense style suggests cozy comfort.Cape Cod-style houses may not all be from the colonial era, but the iconic design is part of the historic fabric of America.You can recognize the Dutch colonial style by the gambrel roof.Dutch colonial became a popular revival style, and you'll often see 20th century homes with the characteristic rounded roof.Look for features of these early American house styles: 1600s - 1740The first British settlers in New England built timber-frame dwellings similar to the ones they had known in their home country.