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August 16, at 4: Bing Site Web Enter search term: In the season two premiere we met Joey a straight shooter from New Jersey Dave insecure about his looks but all about his personality Storm a former player looking for love Natasha admittedly superficial Jessica fat as a kidand Kym picky about looks.

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Each person is hit with spotlights, while the other remains in the dark, protecting the lit person from the dark person’s reaction.

Which is fine, but being on display like that is where the show went from arguably credible and somewhat respectable to being all about looks.

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I’m sure it would save some nice scratch to notify them via e-mail, flyer, or even carrier pigeon. Anyway, step one was a group date, where the six singles met for the first time in the dark room. You can imagine what people cut from that show must be like.

Let me explain to you what my “book by its cover” judgment is based on: have we been reduced to scraping so low on the “finding love on TV” scale (already a low bar itself) that we’re matchmaking in the dark? The show takes three guys and three girls and matches them up for love in a dark room, where looks are taken out of the evaluation equation. In the season two premiere we met Joey (a straight shooter from New Jersey), Dave (insecure about his looks but all about his personality), Storm (a former player looking for love), Natasha (admittedly superficial), Jessica (fat as a kid), and Kym (picky about looks). Oh, and there’s a host, who does absolutely nothing save for directing the groups to their next destination.

Next came the one-on-ones, where each guy got the opportunity for a date with each girl.

Joey spent his date with Natasha drinking, and was turned off by her plump wrists and what he referred to as her “weight issue.” He called her a floater.

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