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” I told her“Oh just chill, I just wanna see what the fuss was about.”It took some time but eventually she got to see him.By this time it was already dark so by keeping the lights off no one could see us and we could see that he had a lady friend with him.On this particular knight though, as I looked at all the dark windows, thinking I should have gone to bed long ago, I saw one window with the lights on and the blinds open.

I put my hand down my pants and masturbated while I imagined it was me with him.

Eventually he came in her mouth and I orgasmed a few moments later.

I had looked after Bull a few times before so Rodger asked if I would do it again and I was glad to (it can get very lonely when you’re not allowed to have a roommate.

Rodger explained that he had already walked and fed Bull so he only needed a place to stay for the night. Bull lay on the rug while I watched TV for about an hour or so.

Late one evening, after a lengthy and exhausting study session, I packed up my books and made myself a coffee.

I sat at my window and peered across the street to enjoy watching the tenants of that building going about their business.

Rodger (a neighbour on the same floor as me) had to go out and would only return the next day.

He had a Pit Bull named Bull and needed someone to look after him for the night.

To cut a very long story short, this became a regular thing and I started longing for a guy of my own to fuck.

I began to consider the guys at NYU, but after a few failed attempts, I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to find anyone I would fuck.

Later that night we got to see him fuck her brains out which made both Tanya and I extremely hot.