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Those who had experienced feelings of happiness, enthusiasm, excitement, and pride in their first love are much more likely to have stable, enduring relationships in their later lives.On the other hand, those who went through feelings of shame, guilt, hostility or fright during their first love tend to have weak relationships with others.

This would lead to maturity and help the relationship last longer.

Normally first love is not the childhood infatuation on a teacher or a movie star.

Psychologists say that men fall in love first more than women do.

When we fall in love, we unconsciously wish to complete our personality and therefore, we look for qualities in the other person that we feel we lack.

We have to learn to understand them, sort them out and control them.

Feelings of passion, elation, sincerity, anxiety, fear all come in a mixed fashion.

It is the first relationship or attraction of a romantic nature experienced in adolescence.

Memories of first love are mostly fond ones but in certain cases, the memories could be highly painful also.

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The obvious dangers are premature pregnancy, HIV, drug addiction, etc.