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He worked in finance, got an MBA from Harvard and bounced through a couple different jobs. One of Pincus’ defining moments came as an angel investor.

Growth Hackers has seen exponential growth in recent years due it's "high tempo testing" framework. Pincus studied business at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

It quickly became apparent that most people went to Twitter for this information.

Likewise, they penetrated the sporting industry in the US when they partnered with the Miami Dolphins. We knew that a lot of people searching for free stock photos would probably be interested in an easy to use graphic design tool. In 2009, the company convinced Madonna to come on board and made a killing in the music industry. Another strategic partnership with Visa built credibility and established them as a legitimate product that big brand customers bought into quickly. The company stocked and sold its reader for in every store. This sent a steady stream of traffic to the GH website.

Other members of the team such as Everette Taylor and Morgan Brown did the same.

The company released their first (poker) game for Facebook in September 2007.

Zynga’s early revenue came from Myspace, but it exploded when the company shifted focus to facebook.

At the time, a churn rate of 12% would have zeroed the company out in 10 months.

Shortly after launch, Treehouse realized that the platform had a 12% churn rate.

Treehouse used blog content to build thought leadership and capture traffic from people searching for “I definitely believe what Brad Felt said about the best way to do marketing is through thought leadership.