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Nippon porcelain was made in Japan from 1891 to 1921.

Nippon is the Japanese word for "Japan." Nippon porcelain was made to be exported to the west, with designs specifically for American tastes, and was less expensive than most European porcelain. ff3=4&toolid=10044&campid=5336649018&customid=nippon&lgeo=1&mpre=

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A decorative china plate with four, blue Asian characters to the base, features gold-painted trim and edging around blue and red patterns.

In 1878, the Japanese import company Morimura Brothers began distributing plain pieces of unpainted china, known as "blanks," to be hand decorated by skilled artisans throughout Japan.

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Email her at makalice @ e Bay ID: Malice9 You may quote up to 50 words of any article on the condition that you attribute the article to Ecommerce and either link to the original article or to Fake Nippon have a bright white, glossy background and a heavy, chunky feel.Check the quality of the painting; the pattern should have meticulous attention to detail, and brushstrokes should be uniform --- reproductions usually have sloppy, uneven painting.Check for telltale signs that the piece may be a reproduction.Because Nippon-stamped china is highly collectable, companies are reproducing vintage Nippon patterns with the Nippon back stamp.In addition, many antique dealers and museum curators now specialise in Nippon-marked china, and they can provide help in dating vintage Nippon pieces.