dating for skeptics Dating paragon transits

By the 1920s, most companies had erected towering skyscrapers to flaunt their success to the rest of the city.

It is only 9 inches tall with a 8 inch long erecting image telescope.

This model was normally offered with a 6 inch long telescope with slightly shorter standards.

A bloodied but unbowed Nemesis unleashed his legions in the hopes that a sudden attack would give him possession of the city.

This tragic day, Monday, July 11, 1932, dubbed by the press as "Brass Monday," witnessed the Prussian Prince's metal-clad troops flooding the streets of Steel Canyon in a show of force not seen since the waning years of the Civil War.

Southern United was also the main support for the notoriously corrupt, yet strangely popular, mayor James "Spanky" Rabinowitz.

Southern United profited mightily during Prohibition by using their transportation resources to smuggle alcohol from Canada.

As the first super-powered human to receive massive national exposure, Statesman became the leading symbol of the potential good that super-humans could contribute to society.

Police forces became more cooperative towards masked crime-fighters, which in turn led many super beings to use their powers more openly.

This type of transit's standards are usually referred to as a Twisted Frame. It has a 4 inch diameter one minute horizontal circle, a 3 inch diameter one minute vertical circle, a 14 power erect image telescope with 0 ratio stadia, a 35 second telescope level vial, a 2 inch long compass needle.

The tripod thread size is 2.265 inches X 16 threads per inch.

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