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By the 1960's , it was clear that our race would neither "die off", nor would we abandon our lands, our culture, and our families to be like the white man".This decade saw the beginning of the modern land rights movement, the development of the first national organisation of Indigenous Australians - the Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigenes and Torres Strait Islanders (FCAATSI) - and the first widespread awakening by non-Aboriginal Australians to our claims for justice.::: social clubs, social clubs for singles in Sydney, social friends, socialising with friends, social single friends, socialising with single friends, friends that are single, social clubs in sydney, Sydney Social Clubs and Singles Organisations, Social Events at venues throughout Australia.Men and Women are from different planets and you are not expected to understand their behaviour all of the time.Koiki, or Eddie, Mabo, was a member of the Meriam People, the traditional owners of Murray Island and surrounding islands and reefs in the Torres Strait.

In 1982, Mabo , the Mabo case changes the way we think about land law in Australia.Children were stolen from their parents and placed in homes where they were to be trained in the ways of white people and to become, for example, farm labourers if boys and domestic servants if girls.Stealing of the children was most pronounced where a child had an Aboriginal parent and a non-Aboriginal parent : The continuation of this policy of "dissociating the children from camp life must eventually solve the Aboriginal problem" (Aborigines Welfare Board 1921).In 1963, the Yolngu people of the north east Arnhem Land community of Yirrkala, faced with their traditional lands being taken over by a huge bauxite mine, presented a bark petition to the Federal Parliament.This protest alerted Australians to the continuing dispossession of our people's traditional lands.These were either government-controlled reserves or Church-controlled missions.