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Affect may be described as “flat”, “blunted”, or “inappropriate” to the situation.

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alar ligament – Ligaments that limit the rotation of the head.

Two strong bands that pass from the posterolateral part of the tip of the dens of the axis upward and laterally to the condyles of the occipital bone.

absence epilepsy – A type of epilepsy that occurs especially in children and is manifested by a sudden momentary loss of cosciousness with minimal motor manifestations.

acetylcholine – Reversible acetic acid ester of choline that serves as a neurotransmitter at the myoneural junction, in parasympathetic ganglia, and at parasympathetic nerve endings.

adduction – Describes the movement of a limb toward or beyond the midline of the body. adjustment disorder – A maladaptive reaction to an identifiable psychological stressor.

Adduction is illustrated by moving the hands apart and then clapping them together or crossing them at the arms. May be severe, but is usually resolved by therapeutic intervention or by the passage of time.Anterograde amnesia is not remembering from the point of stress forward; retrograde amnesia is being unaware of events happening before the point of stress.amphiarthrosis – Refers to the joints on both sides.affect – The emotional tone characteristic of each person’s presentation.Affect is depressed in dysthymia, elevated in elation.alexia – Inability to read, usually due to lesions of the visual cortex.