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I know it took alot for him to open up to me about it and I'd like to make sure I handle things in the right nature. she came flat out and told me that she REALLY likes me but she dont feel the same about me as i do about her.i'm concerned cause i can deal with the bipolar and i support her in any and everyway possible.I know from researching that it is the bipolar talking and that I have got to have patience.

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If he/she does not have a treatment plan try to get them in one. Bipolar Disorder is a tough illness to handle and to live with. If you do the same then your relationship can work as well.Some times it takes two to handle it and to keep it under control. You just have have patience, love and determination.But after she got in the hospital and was stabled she could not thank him enough. As far as a long distance relationship with someone who has bipolar disorder. My fiancee broke up with me as a result of getting off her meds.As long as he or she stays on his/her meds and continues with therapy it can work.While I was over there she went to a doctor who told her she wasn't bipolar and that she was ADD, took her off the meds for bp and put her on meds for ADD.

If you know anything about bipolar you know that was like giving her poison.I've been "dating" an old friend for the past few months. she told me that she is bipolar amung other things too.Its a huge step for me because I just got out of a relationship that I didn't want to end, but that's another story. You both care for each other and have known each other for such a long time. well, long story short, i was in a bad relationship before and wasnt sure if this one would last. Chances are you know someone at work or the gym or the neighborhood where you grew up that has it. People with bipolar disorder can successfully engage in relationships, but its important to share information about the condition early on.It can be made manageable through medicine and therapy. Watch this video for tips on dating and sustaining a relationship if you have bipolar order.Over the past week or so, he suddenly got distant and I figured he had lost interest in me. Listen to what he has to say, let him open up to you. now, 3 months after that, i am ready to start getting more serious and her and i are "offically" b/f and g/f.