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If you’re on the wrong end of the gender ratio -- like college-educated women in general -- every year you hold out, the dating market is going to be statistically more challenging." Numbers aside, do you think people are able to think in these terms? If you talk to people who have been married for a long time, they’ll tell you there’s an element of compromise in all marriages, in all marriages. It would be boring if you were 100 percent perfectly compatible I think, and maybe others would disagree.

After journalist Jon Birger entered his 30s, he began to notice a pattern in his social circle: Most of the men he knew were married or in a relationship and most of the women he knew were single and having a hard time dating.

These women had "everything going for them," he told The Huffington Post, yet they either couldn't get dates or were stuck dealing with men who toyed with them.

In your opinion, has online dating affected this dynamic?

I’m probably going to be in the minority in this argument, but my point of view is that it doesn’t really matter.

There’s a lot of social science on this, and it all points to the ideas that men delay marriage and play the field when women are in oversupply.

When it’s the opposite, the culture is more likely to emphasize courtship and romance.The takeaway was that Asian-American women have the highest response rates. You generally stayed away from giving advice in the book, but you wrote that college-educated women who want to marry college-educated men are better off marrying "Mr. I want to preface this by saying that I totally get that not everybody prioritizes marriage over career.Perfectly Acceptable," rather than holding out until 40 for Mr. Even for people who want to get married, it may not be their highest priority in life.If you are looking to post a bicurious personal ad, look no further!It's never to late to fulfill your curiosities and fantasies.You argue that ultimatums can help women in this type of environment. In every other part of life -- in business and politics -- everybody understands the power of the ultimatum.