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I know for a fact that she name drops when she applies to a company where she knows someone even without asking that person, but I cannot serve as a reference for her again.Eventually she will find out about my new job as we have mutual friends, but how should I handle letting her know that I cannot vouch for her?In short, she did not take advantage of the learning opportunity and was, in general, an ineffective employee.Now that I have a new full-time job, I find myself lying to her when she asks if I have any prospects or know of any job openings.Indeed, if you ever get more than five of the attraction signals above then you should exit and start enjoying life as a superstar pickup artist.

🙂 Once you have identified at least one of the signs above, you will be in a great position to use super strong techniques such as fractionation in order to make her go completely head over heels with you.

But before you use this technique, I must first warn you…

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In my first interview, they told me flat out what the salary for the job was.

It was in my acceptable range, but lower than I was hoping for. Now, I’m absolutely willing to take the job at this salary, as it’s a job I’m interested and the salary is still in my acceptable range.

What should I tell the hiring manager when she, inevitably, drops my name?