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Cheers, lubey i think it's a good book, but not the best on pick-up.

it's better at getting the relationship (and dating to get to the relationship) angle. if you're after establishing a future for a relationship between the two of you, i would.

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this bears absolutely no relevance on whether the product is good or bad (don't take it as golden truth or overcompensation, just take the promo page with a grain of salt).

Too right about the webpages all having the same format that just waffles on down the page without saying anything useful about what they want you to buy.

Hello everyone, I was just wondering what you think of it.

I've done a few searches on the forums and it doesnt look like anybody has ever read this guy's book.

Therefore if you are planning to buy a book to improve your dating and love life, then you should get your hands on this book. Rx has a level of understanding which does good in delivering the basics, but he also explains and includes more advanced approaches.

Some men who would be considered as pick up artist have reported to discover things in this book that used to develop their own strategy. When you check out the website, you will see how he says that it would make more sense to multiple your dating ten times than just to double it, which is true (except if you’re starting from zero :)).

When they actually provide meaningful extracts from the book or something along those lines it makes the site much more convincing. Much better than TMM and anything along those lines. Reviews here: And here's some free articles from him it. Much better than TMM and anything along those lines. Reviews here: And here's some free articles from him 5 Most Recent Articles Written By: Mr I'm a big advocate of more Natural Game.

I'd say I'm looking for a more PU time angle at the moment, so yeah if you saying its more about relationships then i'll definately skip it, for now anyways. When you work on developing an attractive personality the chicks pretty much pick themselves up. I like to read up on indirect game like TMM and Magic Bullets as well because there are things covered that will help you in some sticky situations, but Natural Game is more complete to me because it focuses on being a happier person in general with or without the women. But if you want to know what I like so much about this book I suggest reading the articles i linked in my last post.

May contain limited notes, underlining or highlighting that does affect the text.

Spine creases, wear to binding and pages from reading.

(BUT PICK UP TECHNIQUE DOES- See a sample Here) Inside “Dating To Relating – From A To Z” You Will Learn Secrets About “Pick Up Technique” and “How To Pick Up Women” That NO Other Dating Guru will ever tell you and you never thought was possible.