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These guys love to bro with their fellow dudes, and will probably take their advice when it comes to relationships.

Men, we know you don’t think about fashion nearly as much as women do, but when it comes to your footwear choices, you might want to give it a second thought.

And, this is one place where the double standard works in our favor – guys can’t determine what our wedges versus booties versus stilettos mean (it honestly doesn’t mean anything – it’s whatever shoe looks best with our ensembles), yet we ladies definitely know to stay away from the dude who is rocking red Crocs.

The Nike Retro line extends across many different avenues and can't be summed up in one sentence.

Nike will continue to retro, or re-release their products in different colorways, new materials and sometimes constructed differently.

You have an interesting, non-traditional job, appreciate going out just as much as staying in, and like to bro-out every once in a while.

Plus, you also have a hobby like seeing movies, listening to music or reading on the subway. There's no reason to ever wear sandals and socks – choose one.

You’d take us to a rap concert on a date and would let us buy a round.

Timberlands are classic – just like you, an OG who was listening to Biggie before he was Biggie.

The only person who could even remotely pull this off is Cristiano Ronaldo. No, so take off your damn socks and make sure your toenails don’t resemble anything from the movie “Beetlejuice.”Men who wear sandals and socks are amateurs.

They look like a totally innocuous species (save for their footwear) and that’s partly because they are naïve, eager to please and unable to make their own decisions (hence choosing flip flops).

So you might want to take some notes…If you’re sporting a fresh tanned pair of Timbs, chances are you’re pretty ghetto – but in a cool, gangster rap kind of way.