Denise ho and joey yung dating

When appearing at the 10th Anniversary of her fan club in the beginning of June, Denise had already removed her matching bracelet that she had once shared with Joey, indicating that the relationship was over.

Since Joey resumed her single status, she and Wilfred spent more time together over the last few months.

With Denise’s obvious distress, Joey pulled Denise to the side and continued to console her.

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Two weeks ago, Wilfred started to intensely pursue Joey.

An insider revealed, “Joey has many work commitments, requiring her to travel overseas. Whenever Joey had a bit of free time, Wilfred would send her a text message or call her to show his utmost concern and love for her well being. If I were to come across a suitable prospect, I would love to ‘understand more.'” Wilfred was prepared to deal with the public pressure after acknowledging that he was dating Joey.

They only started to officially date in recent days. Since they have been friends for more than 10 years, they understand each other very well.” Wilfred Shockingly Admits Dating Joey At a press conference for new CTI drama,, Wilfred admitted that he and Joey have just started dating. ” Asked whether he had passed the 3-month trial period, Wilfred said, “We have to pass it before we know! Wilfred said, “I put my heart forward and will do my best. ” Asked whether Denise was indeed angered by Joey’s new romance, Wilfred said, “The first person that I have told this matter (dating Joey) to was Denise Ho…

” Wilfred said that he has known Joey for 10 years and understood her well. I told her in person.” As for Denise’s response, Wilfred said, “I will let her (Denise) provide the answer.

Joey celebrated her 32nd birthday with 40 friends last week at a karaoke party.

Wilfred was present, while Denise rushed to the party after a music performance in Guangzhou.

In the last 5 years, Joey Yung (容祖兒) and Denise Ho’s (何韻詩) relationship was speculated to be more intimate than regular friends.

At Joey’s birthday party last week, Denise felt betrayed and deeply hurt when she found out that Joey and Wilfred Lau (劉浩龍) were now hotly in love.

After this version of the story circulated, fans were quick to blast Wilfred as a liar.

He had initially claimed that he told Denise about dating Joey, yet it was actually Joey who had announced the hurtful news to Denise.

Anyhow, Joey and I had started dating when both of us were single.” Wilfred maintained that Denise will always be his friend.