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All these have been well studied by Charaka, she told me.May be, but the concept of biochemical molecules (and the modern biochemical analysers) and of microbes (and the means of isolating them) were non-existent during Charaka’s time, I countered.Probably to add sanctity to the entire gamut of these ‘medications’, it has been claimed that Indian pure breed cows have ‘immunology power’ from 90% to 98% while the cows of mixed breed have less than 40%.[11], quoting the Charaka Samhita.

We thank you for helping us bring a unique homemade Mexican taste to Orange County that only three culinary generations can.Our flavors carry a fusion of new and traditional, influenced by what our patrons’ palates (from Orange County to across the United States) have come to expect when they dine in our kitchens.It has also been suggested as a medicine and more profusely as a pesticidal spray for plants and as a soil enriching manure.[10] Very recently, panchagavya has been suggested as a remedy for chikungunya as well.[13] Cow’s urine has been used in the preparations of hair oil, shampoo, skin cream etc.[8] Preparations like soap, nasal powder, body powder, body cream, incense sticks, tooth powder etc.have been prepared from the cow dung and recommended for medical use[8].Chemical constituents of human and animal urine are almost alike.[28,29] For example, Urokinase is an enzyme secreted into the urine to prevent its clogging; today, it is extracted from human urine and used to dissolve clots in the coronary arteries in patients who suffer a heart attack.[30] Does this justify drinking one’s own urine in case of a heart attack? The claim that cow’s urine and cow dung have antiseptic properties is not only baseless, but also dangerously misleading.

While cow dung (and all fecal matter) is teeming with bacteria excreted from the intestines, several bacteria have been isolated from too.[33,34] Application of these bacteria-rich excreta onto wounds may lead to life threatening sepsis.

Eating beef is a sin and drinking cow’s urine or eating its dung brings health, if these self-styled guardians of ancient Indian tradition are to be believed.

What about the much touted patents for cow’s urine?

It is hardly surprising that while International patents have been registered for cow’s urine and its products, no such patent has been obtained from the Govt. An Indian patent may not make enough and weighty news, but an international patent, on the other, helps to claim that even ‘foreigners’ have accepted the virtues of cow’s urine!

All the studies available in the literature about the therapeutic efficacy of cow’s excreta are small studiesconducted in the labs and on animals or tissues.

But the cow’s urine hasn’t changed since Charaka’s time, she averred. Most articles on the virtues of cow’s excreta extensively quote from scriptures and the Charaka Samhita.