Dexter strickland dating austin rivers sister

George, who will start the All-Star game in a couple weeks, signed a 5-year, million contract extension with the Pacers in the offseason.

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Patrick’s in New Jersey and he’s so dedicated to the Duke-UNC rivalry that he made things personal by dating Callie Rivers.That’s going to make for a very awkward matchup when he goes head-to-head with her brother Austin. #40 Harrison Barnes, F 6’8, 215 lbs, Sophomore Harrison Barnes was called the next Kobe Bryant when he committed to North Carolina via Skype two years ago. Dick Vitale and company will be wearing their pants a size bigger tonight, as the 'Worldwide Leader' takes the precautions necessary to accommodate the bulges that will find their way into those pants when the powder blue and over-privileged blue take the court. But, everybody without a trust fund or a tall white kid with that looks a little dyke-ish, hates DUKE. However, with his antics of douche-tivity, it's like he isn't even trying to hide how big of one he is, which makes him slightly more enduring than Count Krzyzewski.This is a personal matter that is still being sorted out, so I hope you can respect my privacy.” George is averaging a career high 22.7 points per game this season, but his month-by-month shooting numbers have been dropping. That, or he just needs to get some rest during the All-Star break.

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Callie is the sister of current NBA player Austin Rivers of the New Orleans Pelicans.

Austin Rivers, in all his over-exaggerated glory, knows somebody who doesn't share his desire to beat up on Carolina: His sister.

Kyrie is dating Clippers’ head coach Doc Rivers’ daughter Callie. Down the road at UNC was Callie’s then boyfriend Dexter Strickland.

If you recall, Callie dated Pacers Paul George, and her ex was a college basketball player at UNC. Dex allegedly wasn’t the greatest boyfriend, and Kyrie – who was a friend of Dexter’s – AND a supportive shoulder. Maybe that explains these tweets from Callie in early December. Jill Munroe is a Los Angeles-based sports culture analyst and author.

He will probably do what Duke players do, and and at some point cry. UNC will blow them Dookies out.(Which is totally different from the 'blowing' Duke will get from ESPN) The saddest part, is that Duke will probably remain in the Top 10 by whatever miraculous reason that has kept them there this season, even with a loss tonight.