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The beauty became famous as a woman of cinema who has plugged her work heavily with sexy images on Instagram.But she is also an artist who goes by the name Sophie B.

After one of my relationships ended in 2005, I went on a spiritual quest to find the answers to why this kept happening.I hired a relationship coach and discovered where I wasn’t valuing and loving myself.Some of these were joyous, many, however were incredibly painful. I had always believed that I was only valuable if someone else approved of me.Throughout these discoveries, I’ve learned one main truth. When relationships came to an end, I believed this meant I was not lovable, I had something wrong with me and I didn’t deserve to be loved!This was the main reason behind my choices in love.

During an emotional conversation with my coach, I shared how I wished I had known all of this information when I was younger. I am from Bulgaria, and I don't like Duck face girls, and Gold diggers.Tavel all Europe and now live and work in Banbury UK.Drake was enjoying the company of a pretty brunette while in a dimly lit restaurant in Amsterdam on Monday.And Daily has identified the woman as porn star Rosee Divine.I discovered even more truths about myself, our relationship and a renewed thirst for knowledge was born. After many conversations with God and various close friends, I realised that I had been given a task. I offer decades of personal experience and wisdom, I’ve spent thousands of pounds on training and countless hours deepening my knowledge.