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'Adauctus' is not the second martyr's proper name--it means 'added.' Adda, Ferdinando d' - Cardinal and Papal Legate (1649-1719) Addai, Doctrine of - Syriac document which relates the conversion of Edessa Addas - One of the three original disciples of Manes Addeus and Maris, Liturgy of - Oriental liturgy, sometimes assigned to the Syrian group; sometimes to the Persian group Addresses, Ecclesiastical - Rules as to what is fitting and customary in the matter of ecclesiastical correspondence Adelaide, Archdiocese of - Centered in Adelaide, capital of South Australia Adelaide, Saint - Abbess, renowned for having the gift of miracles, d. The widow of Otho, she died in 999 Adelard of Bath - Twelfth-century scholastic philosopher Adelham, John Placid - Convert from Protestantism (d.

1681) Adelmann - Eleventh-century Bishop of Brescia Adelophagi - Fourth-century sect mentioned by the anonymous author known as Praedestinatus Aden - It comprises all Arabia, and is known as the Vicariate Apostolic of Arabia and Aden Adeodatus I, Pope Saint - Also known as Pope Adeodatus I, d. Augustine (372-388) Adeodatus (II), Pope Saint - Brief article on this Roman monk, opponent of Monothelitism, d. Called Adeodatus II to distinguish him from his predecessor St.

Paul's epistles Achaz - King of Judah Achéry, Lucas d' - French Benedictine (1609-1685) Achiacharus - Nephew of Tobias Achilleus and Nereus, Domitilla and Pancratius, Saints - Roman martyrs who shared a feast day on 12 May Achimaas - Son of Sadoc, the priest Achimelech - Four people with this name are detailed Achitopel - Counsellor of David, who joined the rebellion of Absalom Achonry - Diocese in Ireland, suffragan to the Archdiocese of Tuam Achor Valley - The scene of the death of the 'troubler' Achan Achrida - A titular see in Upper Albania Achterfeldt, Johann Heinrich - Theologian (1788-1877) Achtermann, Theodore William - German sculptor (1799-1889) Acidalius, Valens - Philologist, Latin poet, and convert to the Catholic Church (1567-1595) Aci-Reale, The Diocese of - Located in Sicily; includes fourteen communes in the civil province of Catania, immediately subject to Rome Ackermann, Leopold - Catholic professor of exegesis (1771-1831) Acmonia - A titular see of Phrygia Pacatiana, in Asia Minor, now known as Ahat-Keui Acoemetae - Either, an appellation common to all Eastern ascetics known by the rigour of their vigils; or, a special order of Greek or Basilian monks devoting themselves to prayer and praise without intermission Acolouthia - In ecclesiastical terminology signifies the order or arrangement of the divine office and also, in a wide sense, the office itself Acquaviva - Name of several Italian cardinals Acquaviva, Claudius - Fifth General of the Society of Jesus (1543-1615) Acolyte - A cleric promoted to the fourth and highest minor order in the Latin Church, ranking next to a subdeacon Acosta, Joaquín - Served in the Colombian army and in 1834 attempted a scientific survey of the country between Socorro and the Magdalena River Acosta, José de - Founded a number of colleges, among them those of Arequipa, Potose, Chuquisaca, Panama, and La Paz Acquapendente - A diocese in Italy under the immediate jurisdiction of the Holy See, comprising seven towns of the Province of Rome Acquaviva - Name of several Italian cardinals Acqui - A diocese suffragan of Turin, Italy Acre - Syrian seaport on the Mediterranean Acre - Also called Saint-Jean d'Acre Acrostic - A poem the initial or final letters of whose verses form certain words or sentences Act of Settlement (Irish) - 1662 act passed by the Irish Parliament to bring in Protestant settlers in Munster, Leinster, and Ulster Acta Pilati - The Gospel of Nicodemus Acta Sanctæ Sedis - A publication containing the principal public documents issued by the Pope, directly or through the Roman Congregations Acta Sanctorum Hiberniæ - Abbreviated title of a celebrated work on the Irish saints by the Franciscan, John Colgan Acta Triadis Thaumaturgæ - The lives of St. Thomas and the scholastics in general regard only the free and deliberate acts of the will as human Acts, Indifferent - An act that is neither good nor bad Acts of the Apostles - The fifth book of the New Testament Acts of the Martyrs - Records of the trials of early Christian martyrs made by the notaries of the court Acts of Roman Congregations - A term used to designate the documents issued by the Roman Congregations Actual Grace - A grace that is given for the performance of salutary acts and is present and disappears with the action itself Actus et Potentia - A technical expression in scholastic phraseology used to translate Aristotle's energeia or entelecheia, and dynamis Actus primus - A technical expression used in scholastic philosophy Actus Purus - A term employed in scholastic philosophy to express the absolute perfection of God Acuas - One of the first to spread Manicheism in the Christian Orient Ad Apostolicae Dignitatis Apicem - Apostolic letter issued against Emperor Frederick II by Pope Innocent IV Ad Limina Apostolorum - A pilgrimage to the sepulchres of St. Paul at Rome Ad Sanctam Beati Petri Sedem - Summarizes this intervention in the Jansenist controversy by Pope Alexander VII Ad Universalis Ecclesiae - A papal constitution dealing with admission to religious orders Ad Limina Visit - The obligation incumbent on certain members of the hierarchy of visiting, the 'thresholds of the Apostles', Sts.

1166 or 1167 Æneas of Gaza - A Neo-Platonic philosopher, a convert to Christianity, who flourished towards the end of the fifth century Aengus, Saint (the Culdee) - Irish hermit, hagiographer, poet, late eighth century Aenon - Mentioned in John , as the locality where the forerunner of Christ baptized Aeons - The term appropriated by Gnostic heresiarchs to designate the series of spiritual powers evolved by progressive emanation from the eternal Being Aër - The largest and outer-most covering of the chalice and paten in the Greek church, corresponding to the veil in the Latin rite Aërius of Pontus - A friend and fellow ascetic of Eustathius, who became Bishop of Sebaste (355), and who ordained Aërius and placed him over the hospital or asylum in that city Æsthetics - May be defined as a systematic training to right thinking and right feeling in matters of art, and is made a part of philosophy by A. Baumgarten Æterni Patris - The Apostolic Letter of Pius IX, by which he summoned the Vatican Council.It is dated Rome, 29 June, 1868 Æterni Patris - An encyclical letter of Pope Leo XIII (issued 4 August, 1879); not to be confused with the apostolic letter of the same name written by Pope Pius IX Aëtius - A Roman general, patrician, and consul, b. 454 Affinity (in the Bible) - Scripture recognizes affinity as an impediment to wedlock Affinity (in Canon Law) - A relationship arising from the carnal intercourse of a man and a woman, sufficient for the generation of children, whereby the man becomes related to the woman's blood-relatives and the woman to the man's Affirmation - A solemn declaration accepted in legal procedure in lieu of the requisite oath Afflighem - Benedictine abbey in Belgium Affre, Denis Auguste - Archbishop of Paris (1793-1848) Afonzo de Albuquerque - Second son of Gonzallo de Albuquerque, lord of Villaverde Afra, Saint - Martyred at Augsburg in the Diocletian persecution (c.Monk, missionary to Russia, abbot, and bishop of Magdeburg, d. Columba's biographer Adams, James - Jesuit professor of humanities (1737-1802) Adams, Ven.John - A convert to Catholicism, he was martyred at Tyburn in 1586 Adana - A diocese of Armenian rite in Asia Minor Adar - Four meanings detailed Adauctus and Felix, Saints - Martyrs at Rome in 303.Consists of all the cardinals present unanimously proclaiming one of the candidates Supreme Pontiff, without the formality of casting votes Accommodation, Biblical - Covers what is meant by biblical accommodation, its use in Sacred Scripture, and the rules which ought to regulate its use Accomplice - A term generally employed to designate a partner in some form of evildoing Accursius, Francesco - Covers an Italian jurisconsult of the Middle Ages, (1182-1260) and his son, also a lawyer, (1225-1293) Acephali - A term applied to the Eutychians who withdrew from Peter Mongus, the Monophysite Patriarch of Alexandria, in 482 Acerenza - Italian archdiocese Achab - Son of Amri and King of Israel Achaia - The name, before the Roman conquest in 146 B.

C., of a strip of land between the gulf of Corinth and Elis and Arcadia, embracing twelve cities leagued together Achaicus - A Christian mentioned in St. Columba; published at Louvain, in 1647, by John Colgan Acton, Charles Januarius - English cardinal (1803-1847) Acton, John - English canonist, born 1350 Acton, John Emerich Edward Dalberg, Baron Acton - Biography of the historian best-known for his view of the corruption power causes Acton, John Francis Edward - Sixth Baronet of the name (1736-1811) Acts, Canonical - Derive their name from connection with ecclesiastical procedure Acts, Human - St.Adalard was abbot of Corbie, and Pepin's prime minister. He was murdered in 997 Adam - First man and father of the human race Adam in Early Christian Liturgy and Literature - Discusses his importance to the Fathers and to the authors of the many apocryphal writings of the first five centuries of the Christian Era Adam, The Books of - A romance made up of Oriental fables Adam of Bremen - A German historian and geographer of the eleventh century Adam of Fulda - A monk of Franconia and one of the most learned musicians of his age Adam of Murimuth - An English chronicler of about the middle of the fourteenth century Adam of Perseigne - French Cistercian, Abbot of the monastery of Perseigne in the Diocese of Mans, born about the middle of the twelfth century Adam of St.He died in 827 Adalbert - Archbishop of Hamburg-Bremen; born about 1000; died 1072 Adalbert I - Archbishop of Mainz (Mayence) 1111 to 1137 Adalbert, Saint - Apostle of the Slavs. Victor - A prolific writer of Latin Hymns, born in the latter part of the twelfth century Adam of Usk - An English priest, canonist, and chronicler Adam, John - Preacher and opponent of Calvinists and Jansenists Adam, Nicholas - French linguist and writer (1716-1792) Adam Scotus - A theologian and Church historian of the latter part of the twelfth century Adami da Bolsena, Andrea - Italian musician (1663-1742) Adamites - An obscure sect, dating perhaps from the second century, which professed to have regained Adam's primeval innocence Adamnan, Saint - Irish-born abbot of Iona, and St.Strictly speaking, refers to an eighth-century Spanish heresy, but the term is also used to cover similar beliefs Adoration - In the strict sense, an act of religion offered to God in acknowledgment of His supreme perfection and dominion, and of the creature's dependence upon Him Adoration, Perpetual - A term broadly used to designate the practically uninterrupted adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Adorno, Francis - Italian preacher (1531-1586) Adoro Te Devote - A hymn sometimes styled Rhythmus, or Oratio, S. He was elected at Viterbo 12 July 1276, but died 18 August Adrian VI, Pope - Reigned 1522-1523 Adrian of Canterbury, Saint - African-born Benedictine abbot, d.710 Adrian of Castello - Italian prelate distinguished as a statesman and reviver of learning; born about 1460, died about 1521 Adrianople - According to legend, Orestes, son of Agamemnon, built this city at the confluence of the Tonsus (Toundja) and the Ardiscus (Arda) with the Hebrus (Maritza) Adrichem, Christian Kruik van - Catholic priest and theological writer (1533-1585) Adso - Abbot of the Cluniac monastery of Moutier-en-Der, d.Deusdedit, who is also called Adeodatus Adeste Fidelis - A hymn used at Benediction at Christmastide in France and England since the close of the eighteenth century Adjuration - An urgent demand made upon another to do something, or to desist from doing something, which is rendered more solemn by coupling with it the name of God Administrator - Includes details on administrators of dioceses, parishes, and ecclesiastical institutions Administrator (of Ecclesiastical Property) - One charged with the care of church property Admonitions, Canonical - A preliminary means used by the Church towards a suspected person, as a preventive of harm or a remedy of evil Admont - A Benedictine abbey in Styria, Austro-Hungary Ado of Vienne, Saint - Benedictine monk, pilgrim, scholar, pastor, Archbishop of Vienne, d.