Dw drum dating

During the war (1942-45) and until about 1947, the aluminum cloud badge was often used in addition to the brass version.It is interesting to note that WWII Rolling Bombers did not have aluminum badges.

The Speedy Sure Hold snare strainer (known to collectors as the three point strainer) was used on all snare drums except for the lower line models.

The Black Beauty Artist models were introduced in 1928 and were discontinued around 1935.

Understandably, it would be several years before any significant design advancements were made.

One example of presented their new line of hardware.

answer to this metal restriction was the Rolling Bomber line of drums.

Replacing the metal lugs were beautiful hand-carved rosewood and walnut lugs.

Although larger sizes were available, they were not offered in catalogs until the late 40s.

Most bass drums and tom toms had three reinforcing rings (see below) until the 1940s. The adjustable brackets had small brass thumb wheels that raised or lowered the height of the snares.

This drum featured the new Super lugs and the innovative Super snare strainer.

The Super lugs (also known as the small beaver tail lugs) were available on snare drums as well as tom toms and even bass drums.

These distinctive lugs along with pearl-inlaid solid maple hoops, and rosewood Super strainers combine to create a true work of art.