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Though it worth to mention that plain dependency management won't be sufficient if Maven project is using resource filtering and some plugins that could generate code and resources from other project files.

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There will come a time when you need to work on two projects simultaneously.

Additionally, there will probably be a dependency from one project to another.

The way this works is that the plugin scans all projects in your workspace and analyzes the poms.

Based on group and artifact ID’s the plugin will know if there are interdependencies between your projects.

It might be confusing, but there are two separate settings: * goals to run on project import and update project configuration (those are needed to obtain the actual list of source folders, because some Maven plugins can add repource and source folders to the project during the build, e.g.

modello, xmlbeans, jaxb, xdoclet, etc) Settings* goals to invoke on project clean and on resource changes (those are used by the Maven builder) Management For the latter there is no workspace defaults and those settings are configured per-project.Let’s take the example of projects A and B in your workspace. Now, if the version of project B in your workspace is 3.0-SNAPSHOT, workspace resolution will NOT work. If you guessed, update the pom of project A to depend on 3.0-SNAPSHOT, you are correct.The moral of the story is be aware of versions when trying to get workspace resolution working.In Windows Maven I only turned on Download Artifact Sources and Download Artifiact Java Doc.Download repository index updates on startup is on by default but I turned it off after receiving this advice from a fellow developer, Bill Crook.I'm sure I've had m2eclipse running before without such big problems, so I'm wondering if something has changed. Fast machine with local nexus mirror configured in