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That’s due to the fascinating things that take place in wrestling culture as opposed to the NBA, MLB or NFL.The world of wrestlers dating each other features bitter breakups, speculation of new love interests and dramatic love triangles.The “dirt sheets” and websites that report news in wrestling have more stories than any oth Real life romance in pro wrestling is a juicy aspect of the business that the fan base enjoys reading about.

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Talented WWE Divas such as Paige, Nikki Bella, and Charlotte have participated in classic wrestling matches. While we all love watching a good WWE Divas wrestling match, every warm-blooded heterosexual man is still fantasizing about which WWE Diva he would love to spend the night with.For the first time ever, WWE fans are interested in watching women wrestle for more than just the typical reason. But, before you dive into this list of the top 15 WWE Divas who must be amazing between the sheets Chyna was the original manager of D-Generation X.Because of our thirst for these stories and due to how many of the stories unfold, it forces the promotion to make it an on-screen storyline.The story of Matt Hardy, Edge and Lita basically summarizes how big a story can get and how ugly things can become.Maria- Cm Punk, and once made out with John Cena Melina- once dated John Morison, cheated on him with Batista, then got back with Morrison again.

Torrie Wilson - divorced Billy Kidman, Currently dating Nick Mitchell Michelle Mc Cool- married to the Undertaker Stacy Keilber- once dated Test/Ric Flairs son Mickie James-enaged Kenny Dystra; dated Joey Mercury and there are rumors she's been with CM Punk when they were both wrestling in the indies Stephanie - married to Triple H Krystal - married to Bobby Lashley Vickie- widowed; the late great Eddie Guerruero Maryse- currently dating; The Miz Nikki Bella-currently dating; Dolph Ziggler Ashley - once dated Matt Hardy and Paul London, and has a daughter.

Brie is more natural, and she's probably a bit more eager to give.

A hardcore handicapped matchup against the Bella twins would most likely end in submission.

Rather than just dreaming about which Diva would be amazing in bed, the fans closely analyze each movement and hold. Shawn Michaels and Triple H used her "assets" in a number of memorable promos.

Aside from being a muscle-bound vixen, she was actually pretty talented in the ring.

While it's difficult for talented male athletes to make it into the WWE, it can be even harder for women.