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In this hands-on prototyping solutions you’ll not only be developing solutions but also gain insights across the value chain meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

The goal of this workshop is to introduce participants to the latest technologies, techniques and tools to create simple affordable smart & green mobility solutions for their home cities or companies.

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Our workshop will begin with an engaging 30-minute introduction to behavioral science and examples of BIT’s work.We will then shift to interactive group activities focused on two urban challenges related to economic growth and mobility.In 2016, Philadelphia’s Chief Information Officer wanted to find a way to better leverage underutilized city assets.At the same time, the City saw a need to better coordinate information and communication technology (ICT) that was already in use by several departments.Although these are all important considerations that go into the design and construction of intelligent structures, it is just as relevant to understand what makes a building truly smart and sustainable.

In the Nordics, a smart and sustainable building is one that contributes to increased well-being and employee productivity and, in turn, contributes to lower health costs among other benefits.This process will prove how quickly cities and companies can identify, solve and share viable “traffic” solutions globally.Those that attend are encouraged to take their solutions back to their home cities to demonstrate or develop further with their smart mobility partner(s).Cities–governments, public agencies and officials, and the private companies that support them–collect large amounts of data on things like traffic flows, property values, crime statistics, and more.These measurements shape analysis and decisions about policy and design.The Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) devises new ways to make services work better for citizens.