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One particular victim - who Taylor charged ,0000 to an American Express card in her name - confronted him and he threatened to send the sexually inappropriate photos of her to her employer, the FBI said.

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The father said Taylor boasted he was a billionaire oil tycoon as he led the family, including a child with special needs, onto a special elevator and down to first-row seats, where everyone from ushers to spectators gushed what a good guy Taylor was. Attorney Jonathan Rebold requested a meaningful prison sentence, saying Taylor had more than 10 past contacts with the criminal justice system.

Only later, the father said, did the family learn Taylor 'was a fraud, a fake and a phony.'The father said his family, which lost a few hundred dollars, was duped by 'a very, very charismatic man.''It's easy to fall under his spell,' the father said. Rebold said Taylor from 2009 to 2016 boasted he was a billionaire businessman with oil and land interests in North Dakota to victims on online matchmaking and networking websites such as Match.com, e Harmony, Craigslist and Seeking Arrangement.

John Edward Taylor isn't the only name he goes by, he has several other aliases including Jay Taylor and Josie Reeser.

When he was under the alias Jay Taylor he appeared on the Today show in 2014 with Patti Stanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker host on Bravo.

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