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The Enterprise (versus Standalone) term is important as that indicates that the Root CA’s certificate (thus its public key) is AD-integrated by default and all domain members, servers and workstations alike will inherently trust that CA.

Furthermore native Lync Phone Edition devices will automatically download this same certificate during initial provisioning processes.

” should be reported almost immediately, followed by the phone rebooting itself automatically.

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Polycom has recently announced native Lync support for a wide variety of standard SIP phone devices which all run on the same Polycom Unified Communications Software (UCS) software release.This means that the large variety of Sound Point IP, Sound Station IP, Spectra Link Wireless, and VVX Business Media Phones can all now natively register directly to Lync Server, adding a variety of choices beyond the purpose-built CX device family, including the first Wi Fi endpoint supported for Lync 2010 Server.In order to manually build the trust the endpoint must trust the server certificate which was issued to the Lync server, but installing that same Lync server certificate itself into the phone does NOT satisfy the requirements.The connecting endpoint must instead trust the Certificate Authority server which originally issued that certificate to the Lync server (e.g.This text includes some attributes defined with the proper values, some using sample values, and some with null values which will be populated in a later step.

As editing raw XML can be a little tricky and the above text is clearly not fun to read through it is suggested to use an XML editor, like Microsoft’s XML Notepad 2007 to manipulate the content once it is saved as a text file.In order to configure this same trust relationship with the Polycom SIP phones the CA certificate will need to be manually provided to the phone as part of the provisioning process.Be aware that this does not mean the Lync server certificate itself is used, which is a common misunderstanding.Now that the certificate information has been retrieved then the next step to configuring a standard SIP phone is to prepare an XML configuration file with all of the Lync-specific settings which will be imported directly into the phone using the web management interface.The following text can be used to create a sample XML configuration file which can customized and then imported directly into the phone to provision all of the required Lync-specific settings.Thus for the tire kickers and pilot testers out there this article will simmer down all of those provisioning steps into the most basic components and outline exactly how to register a single device to a Lync server.