Eyetv tv guide not updating

Which meant, of course, that the i Pad 2 did as well.

A crash when manually adding channels has also been eliminated.Improvements have been made in the playback of H.264 broadcasts, and problems with exports to Apple TV that repeated multiple frames have been resolved.I bought an Elgato Eye TV Hybrid a while back, and I was using the uk service to get my EPG(Electronic Program Guide) data.This, however, and unfortunately, stopped updating for Belgian channels on the 1st of january.Version 3.0.4 includes improvements to the programme editor, some additional hardware support, and a few bug fixes that are country specific.

A key improvement is the redesigned Auto Tune dialogue with an additional Update Scan feature that adds channels without removing existing channels.It's a tiny little DVB-T Freeview tuner that plugs into the i Pad's Dock connector, picking up a signal over the air so it won't touch your mobile data allowance.It comes with two relatively small aerials that connect directly to the unit.Elgato has also added support for the Pinnacle 80e TV tuner, which is a USB stick that supports ATSC digital television and Clear QAM unencrypted digital cable, and is available in North America.Eye TV also now supports Terratec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS FM, a USB stick that supports DVB-T/PAL/SECAM/FM radio, and is available in Europe and Australia.Eye TV IPTV Server as a component streams the TV signal over the network, providing an m3u8 playlist with url's to stream uncompressed Eye TV live channels.