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The deal with wine angels is that you pay in £20 each month towards the next order and in return “get better wine for supporting winemakers directly” (I disagree with this on the grounds that their access to wine is no greater than that of a non-wine angel, and I wasn’t wowed by the 12 samples I tried); earn 33 per cent cashback every time they buy (this turns out not to be quite true either); and receive free samples and invitations to tastings. We have 62,000 people putting in £20 a month; that’s over £1m we can use to invest in winemakers.

We support them by paying, typically, a third at harvest time, a third on bottling and a third on collection.” The idea is some of these wines wouldn’t exist without such support.

A service hoping to help gay and lesbian farmers meet their other half may soon be expanding across the U. Dating site Muddy Matches has been running a service called This Farmer Wants A Wife for single farmers across Ireland for the past year.

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“A lot of people are frightened to come out,” Richard told Pink News.

“It’s very hard, you think, ‘Am I going to be accepted? I can totally understand why people don’t come out, or move to the city to have that life.” “You are terrified about how you are going to be treated.

And third, Naked Wines recently announced it had increased its turnover from £4 million in 2009 to £10m (with a loss of £1m) in 2010, and says it expects to double again this year to £20m, so must be doing something right.

The chief executive is a soft-voiced South African entrepreneur, Rowan Gormley, who founded and ran Virgin Wine for Richard Branson then left when the company was sold on in 2005.

It’s actually Gormley who points out to me that this does not, as you might at first think, represent a saving of 33 per cent. It’s actually 25 per cent,” he says, then shows me a complex calculation.

It’s not actually cashback either, because although the money goes into your account, and a wine angel can withdraw money at any time, Gormley says they are not allowed to withdraw the “cashback”. In other words, it’s really a voucher – he prefers the term “asset” — and given there’s a minimum order of six bottles, chances are you’ll have to spend more money to use it. Gormley insists, “angels get a good deal” and that his gross margins are low.In my case I found only one wine – Castillo de Tafalla Rosado Garnacha 2010 Spain, lovely even at the non-angel price of £6.99 – I would buy, discount or no.Tesco wine chief Dan Jago once tweeted that Naked Wines is reminiscent of Ukip in that it “appeals passionately to very few people”. I meet Gormley, a confirmed house-swapper (“Haven’t you tried it?I’ve done home exchanges in Slovenia, Mexico, the US”) at the London club he uses for meetings and try not to blame him when reception makes me sign in on an i Pad."A different way to look at is it's almost impossible for evolution not to happen." Still, the findings also are controversial, because it's far from clear what effect the genetic changes had or if they arose when Lahn's "molecular clock" suggests — at roughly the same time period as some cultural achievements, including written language and the development of cities.