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There are tangible signs that a man is in love if you look for them.

You don’t want to waste much time on people or activities that don’t feed your soul.Finding yourself dragging your feet or procrastinating before doing something is a surefire indicator that you have something more interesting on your mind. If the guy you’re into finds any and every excuse to be around you, it’s safe to say he’s happily hooked.MORE: The Biggest Signs He’s in Love With You Loving is the most vulnerable thing we do.For something that happens to everyone, it’s surprisingly unique to each person experiencing it.You feel like you’re charting undiscovered territory as you navigate falling in love.

Once you feel it, you get the urge to scream it from the rooftops.Knowing that no matter how tough your day is, you always have someone to talk to about it can make all the difference.You want to be able to talk about what’s going on in your life with someone who is on your side.Anyone who’s been in love can relate to that flicker (or tidal wave) of panic at the idea of being the first one in the relationship to say it. You’ve heard them said out loud so many times that they almost lose their meaning.So why are they abruptly terrifying when you try to make your own mouth utter them to a special someone for the first time?It’s even sweeter when that attention is given by someone who truly knows and cares about you.