Free account on streamate only for chat

Fraudulent activity is defined as any activity on the site that results in complaints or chargebacks, or is deemed inappropriate by Streamate's representatives.

Streamate reserves the right to terminate any account at any time for any reason if fraud is suspected and to not make any related payments.

Kontras You only get 35% of your earnings, even tips.

This is because customers do not get charged if they hurry up and leave your Exclusive or Premium chat before 1 minute is up. They should be charged every time they enter our Exclusive or Premium chat, regardless of how long they spent.

Kontras Working for this company used to be lucrative but now you barely make more than if you worked a minimum wage retail job.

The company blames the models and their computers for the glitches.

Traffic has died down substantially because of the glitches.

Also, it is prohibited for you to discuss with a user any transaction involving any other service or product, including but not limited to any other Internet based service.

Accounts found to be involved in any of these activities will be terminated and payments will be withheld.Models are only getting 35% payout, are not allowed to promote themselves on the Plattform and the company is not very transparent about how to succeed as a model.Rat an das Management Increase payout, make placement more transparent, improve model support, add offline tipping and ways to increase revenue, offline calling/texting, selling merchandise etc., more high quality traffic Kontras They allow Studios like Streamate VIP to take advantage of models and take a huge cut 10% of their pay on top of the 10% they take from the site and Steamate does not help the models at all.Images submitted to Streamate for Performer/Studio's bio must be approved by Streamate.Images graphic in nature or containing "below the waist nudity" will not be approved.If you're in a Premium chat, guys can peep in on your show for free as long as they leave before 1 minute.