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-- A grimly named handheld gadget can detect card-data-stealing skimmers in compromised gas pumps, ATMs ...(See Skim Reaper)Why you shouldn't assume adult son's debts on new card -- It's natural to want to help, but putting your own finances in jeopardy is not the answer. (See Son's debt)Essential family packing guide for summer travel -- When you have multiple people in your traveling party, a solid packing strategy becomes essential. (See Family packing guide)How to spend your next long airport layover -- Who said getting stuck at an airport for a few hours in between flights has to be a drag?I'm the founder of Frugal Rules, a Dad, husband and veteran of the financial services industry.

I sighed, reached into my wallet and asked if I could just pay by cash instead.The checker flipped off the switch, took my money and I left Wal Mart (thankfully) with my purchases.I know how credit card companies make money, how interest rates work and how to find the best credit cards.As I’ve discussed before, I’ve learned from experience how devastating credit card debt can be and how to make good ones work to my advantage. Today I want to explore the mechanics of credit cards – a little about their history, who assumes the risk, how they actually work, what’s on the horizon for credit cards, and what place credit cards could or perhaps, should have in your future.Recently, I was standing in line at Wal Mart, waiting for their POS terminal to process credit card transaction.

The checker looked confused and asked me to swipe my card again. Then it happened – the checker turned on the dreaded “blinking light” button calling for a manager to come and help us.These travel-expert tips, and your card perks, have you covered. (See Tips for a long layover)5 times when a no annual fee card is worth it -- High-end credit cards come with a lot of perks, but sometimes a no annual fee card can offer what you really need. (See No annual fee cards)Raising score for mortgage purposes? -- If you want to get your credit in shape for a mortgage approval, don't open new credit cards.Instead, lower your balance on your existing accounts ...Experts say it's a way card issuers can cut costs and, in some cases, offer new card benefits. (See Card benefit cutbacks)Rate survey: Average card APR remains at record high of 16.73 percent -- May 30, 2018: The average credit card interest rate remained at a record high of 16.73 percent Wednesday, according to the Credit Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. (See Rate report)Pick the right credit card for ground transportation expenses -- You can earn rewards points on ground transportation expenses, from taxicabs to commuter rail and parking – if you use the right credit card. (See Credit cards for ground travel expenses)Don't wait until due date to pay first card bill -- To make sure your scores are not affected by any charged amount, large or small, is to pay what you’ve charged immediately. (See Donating rewards)Hilton Honors Dining program guide -- See how the Hilton Honors Dining program can help you score a free hotel stay just by dining at your favorite restaurants. (more)Poll: 47 million Americans have picked up a tab to get card rewards -- Picking up a group tab with your card can be a good rewards-earnings strategy, unless your friends don't repay you ... (See Hotel points)8 tips for choosing bonus categories on your rewards card -- Understanding your spending habits is just the first step to pick the right bonus categories if your card gives you that option. (See Bonus categories)New United Mileage Plus Explorer card will offer 2x miles on hotels and restaurants -- Starting June 1, 2018, the upgraded United Mileage Plus Explorer card will offer a 2-mile bonus on hotel stays and restaurant purchases. (See Financing self-publishing book)How to get free Wi-Fi while traveling -- If you travel for business or pleasure and need to stay connected while in the air or on the ground, check out which cards offer free vouchers before paying expensive fees. (See In-flight Wi-Fi)How card rewards can fuel a family dream soccer trip -- My family will see our favorite soccer team in Philadelphia this summer, and this is how our rewards cards are making the trip possible ...(See Picking up a tab )What to do with hotel points when plans change -- If you have a bunch of hotel points that you saved up for a trip that you're now not taking, you have some other choices. (See Dream soccer trip using rewards)Skim Reaper: The death of card skimmers?Credit and debit cards make up 74 percent of all online purchases.