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And suddenly my wife knocked him down with the stupidest question ever. George kept on joking and telling my wife all kinds of compliments. And this house is just an easy way to find friends each season. For the last five years there have been only a few couples that didn’t shag with me!

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We tried not to look at each other because were afraid to look into each other’s eyes. you know George is right that actually everything that is done is done for good in this life. And what happened yesterday has nothing to do with our love and our marriage. Although it was our first time on the nude beach we started feeling comfortable pretty fast. Her face was flushing red, her excited nipples were hard and she was breathing heavily with her chest…her tongue was lustfully licking her lips…oh, her half open mouth… George kept on showering her in compliments which she really liked and started feeling more and more confident. Erin was so turned on she grabbed my dick under the table and started touching me. She smiled and said: “Babe, I think it’s the perfect time to take a nap! ” She took me by the hand and I followed her to our love-nest.

I covered myself with a towel and Erin put on a light summer dress over her naked body. Especially when we were walking outside the wind was blowing on the thin cloth making me so horny. I would think of those naked bodies again and again…

We went back to the house for lunch and George was already there.

Naked men and women were in different poses in the well recognizable house.