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Test the space before you touch A brazen flirt will touch a man’s arm or knee when she talks.

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"The second biggest challenge was making sure the cameras were all in working order and we were getting the footage the wombats.I’d review the footage from early in the morning only to find a spider was sitting in the middle of the lens for three hours or the wombats had used the light poles in their yards as a scratching post." For Alyce, the increased level of activity in the female and the decreased volume of urine just before she is ready to mate was the most interesting finding.“This research was conducted to improve captive breeding of wombats and to come away with two very simple observable and measurable markers - pacing and decreased urine output – means that captive managers can potentially use them to monitor female’s cycles in captivity." Experts predict that the southern hairy-nose could become extinct within the next 15 years without the support of captive breeding programs, but their cousins up north are in an even worse predicament.Northern hairy-nosed wombats, the largest species of wombat, are confined to a section of Epping Forest National Park in central Queensland.These observations and the urine samples taken throughout the study revealed that female southern wombats become more active when they’re ready to mate.

“We found that when captive female southern hairy-nosed wombats are ready to mate they tended to urinate less frequently and are more aggressive towards males – biting them on the bum or kicking them in the face” lead author of the study Alyce Swinbourne told .The subtle flirt tests a man’s personal space first.“The bubble of air 18 inches around someone’s body is their intimate space: a no-go zone when you first meet someone,” says flirtation consultant Judy Dutton and author of How the Science of Sex Can Make You a Better Lover.The subtle flirt widens that triangle to include parts of the body.A word of caution – glance at his mouth now and then but not for long.resize=768:*" /Test the space before you touch A brazen flirt will touch a man's arm or knee when she talks.