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Users register with a site to download files or post articles, to purchase something & son depending on the theme of a site.The registration forms, Creative HTML5 Templates are pretty elaborate, asking for a wide range of personal and contact details from the users- like age, name, gender, job, brief biography and so on.It prevents the auto zoom which happens on mobile devices when input fields are focused on.

It's not a good practice for long forms (we added placeholders, but they should never be used as labels), but it works just fine for a simple form like ours ( the icons are as explanatory as labels so users don't feel lost filling the form).

A last note: we set the font-size of all the input fields to be 16px.

In this example i have covered login, signup and forgot password modals which you can create easily, let's take a look.

We already have Tutorial on Bootstrap Sign Up Form with j Query Validation.

Online Signup and registration forms, HTML Login Form Templates are important aspects of almost every web design.

If your website needs active contribution from the visitors, then you should have provisions so that they can register or signup to open an account with your site.Someone is requested tutorial on this Bootsrap login modal popup i.e. In this modal login form using j Query and Bootsrap, I had used Bootsrap Tabs to keep Login, Sign Up and Foregt Password Forms in single modal.Here is HMTL markup for this bootstrap login modal tutorial.We decided to make the password visible as default (declaring the input as text type rather than password type).This way, we could get rid of the "repeat password" field in the sign-up form.This resource can be particularly useful if you want to make the login/signup forms available to your users in each page of your website; users won't be redirected to another page and will be able to continue with the task they were performing on that page.