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Several times that night, Joe stabbed her back with his stiff penis until she opened her legs for him and they'd fuck again. She still kept her hair up with the glasses on and never wore makeup to work.

This all changed when she went off the pill so that they could try to start a family.

Her sex drive came back like a runaway freight train.

She helped him get his card and showed him the audio section. He never lasted more then a few minutes, though his recovery time was pretty good. He sat down heavily on the bed and she stepped back to pull her dress off. Her underwear was modest, but her bra and panty were black and looked sexy against her pale white skin.

The problem was her sex drive had kicked in a few years earlier when her last boyfriend took her virginity. Joe nearly came in his pants when he saw exactly what she had been hiding under her frumpy dress. Once they were married and she became Annie Whyte, he nicknamed her "Snow" because of her pale skin and dark hair.

The bra looked like it was straining under the pressure from her big bosom.

She unhooked the bra and her magnificent rack sprang free.

It didn't even matter the man, as long as it was male. He'd take big breasts on a fat girl over a flat chest on a sexy model any day.

She batted her eye lashes at the sixty year old custodian and even giggled at one of her regular patrons attempts to hit on her. Joe leaned back in his chair and sipped his beer while he stared at her. He found out that night exactly how wrong he was about her body.

I'm starting to ovulate and you know what that means? "I'm getting horny." "I'd love to help with that problem, but I'm stuck here," he said. It completely matched his own male sex drive early in their relationship, they had sex every time they went on a date.

Annie didn't even mind if he came over just for sex after a night drinking with his friends.

Annie liked it because Joe often got the opposite of whiskey dick. Once they got married, they had sex nearly every night for the first year.