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Finally the recently published Nutt Brown Review into the country’s childcare system was an indictment of our national childcare project.

It reported alarmingly low levels of care and lack of personal contact between staff and children.

So too are the findings of a UK study that followed the progress of 3000 infants: Babies who spent long hours in crèche care it found were more anti-social as infants at school.

He said some of the offences were previously known about, but three of them, including what is believed to be the first in the series of 12 break-ins, were new reports to police and came about as a result of their appeal for more information last October.Mr Redwood's team currently have 38 people classed as 'persons of interest' to the inquiry, and are also sifting through details of 530 known sex offenders whose whereabouts they cannot account for.Professor Catherine Hakim’s survey of mothers suggests most are a lot less happy about this than Cherie Blair.Few want to work more than part time to make ends meet; only then when their children are established at school.Though primed to give infants a surer start arguably mass childcare has contributed to, rather than assuaged, a culture of neglect.

It has contributed too to a loss of confidence and competence in the ability to parent, sometimes to a denial of children’s basic emotional needs.

I often ask myself why this is and repeatedly come back to the massive changes in society.'Of course we cannot directly attribute it all to mothers working or to children going into day care.

Children have also suffered the collateral damage of divorce, family breakdown and lone parenthood,as the launch of The Marriage Foundation recently reminded us.

As Dr Bruce Perry, the child trauma expert has explained: 'Without sufficient calming, soothing and emotion regulating interactions from parents ....., the stress response systems in the infant brain, which are extremely sensitive to adverse post natal experience, can become hypersensitive.

An infant can grow up unable to handle stress well and adopt a generally long-term defensive reaction to people and events.

In the same week that Charlie Taylor, David Cameron’s behaviour ‘Czar’ enlightened a House of Commons Select Committee on these facts, Cherie Blair told us that all mothers ought to (go out to) work, that being the best means of being as independent as possible.